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New Tires in Concord - Concord Chevrolet

What are Optimal Tire Pressure and Tread Depth Levels?

Optimal tire pressure ranges will differ by tire size and type. You'll find the ideal air pressure level stated inside your vehicle owner?s manual or on the tire placard, which is commonly mounted on your vehicle?s door edge, glove box or fuel door. Most tires may also have an ideal PSI scope etched on the tire sidewall. With regards to tread depth, your tire is considered to be at the end of its life whenever the tread is worn down to around 2/32 inches.

Which Tires Should I Buy? All-Season or Winter Tires?

All-season compared to regular tires compared to winter tires is a pretty self-explanatory comparison. Winter tires are meant to execute in cold temperatures. Regular tires are made to function in summer weather and all-season tires perform well in diverse climate conditions. The temperature of the rubber has a big influence on how the tire behaves regarding grip and slipping, and therefore different season tires are made from different rubber compounds.